The new Anny (Der neue Anny)

- Video, color, 7 min. (Film Version)
- Video, color, 6 min. (Theatre Version)

The New Anny

A film sequence for and out of the stage play "Attempts on Her Life" by Martin Crimp.
A cooperation with the theatre group "Theater Augenblicke"

The New Anny

Synopsis film "The new Anny":
The different levels of this experimental film are ending up in an audiovisual overkill. The alleged "beautifully designed" contours of the modern sports car blend with the ancient Venus of Milo. This film effect is added and caricatured by the audio effects. The car shapes show some ambiguous poses and while the sports car's technical world is ending up in indefinable forms the Venus is keeping her stony and silent aesthetic.

Summary stage play "Attempts on Her Life":
17 scenes without but all about Anne. She is a collection of different identities: Artist, queen of porn, mother, murder or a car ...
"Attempts on Her Life" is the most radical play by the British author Martin Crimp. His kaleidoscope view on Anne is a trip on the fast lane thru our world today. The stage play was played with great success in Britain, Germany and Switzerland.

The New Anny

Exhibitions and festivals:
- art exhibition "CONTRASTS", Kiel, Germany 2005
- Museum Night / Sommer of Culture, Kiel, Germany 2007
- art project "The World of Pictures - Theatre of the Worlds", Karlsruhe, Germany 2007

The New Anny

Script and Director:
Peter Leder & Mathias Denker in cooperation with Theater Augenblicke
feine Idee Film - Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
Director of photography, editing and Sound:
Peter Leder & Mathias Denker
Theater Augenblicke
In cooperation with:
Autohaus Ernst, Kiel, Germany (car dealer)
The Ancient Collection of the Art Gallery, Kiel, Germany


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