The Two Nick Good:
Love Is Gonna Go

Video, color, 3 min.

Love Is Gonna Go

"Love Is Gonna Go" - that means jealousy and despair ending up in a murder - and that's an ideal frame for a "film noir". But also "The Two Nick Good" are singing and playing their song, until they got caught by the "film noir" story. And not only love is gonna go ...

- Portobello Film Festival, London, GB 2006

Script and Directors:
Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
feine Idee Film - Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
Director of photography:
Mathias Denker and Peter Leder
Editing and Sound:
Mathias Denker and Peter Leder
Art direction:
Mathias Denker and Peter Leder
The Two Nick Good
Music production:
The Two Nick Good (fIF Music)
The Two Nick Good
Ute Unger

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Love Is Gonna Go


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