Gone to the Dogs (Faß!)

Video, color, 2 min.

The world from the view of a dog:
While his owner talks to friends, the dog tries out his very first beer and gets drunk. A dog is only a man too ... The dog goes to the dogs for a little while.

- 1. Price, Tiefenschärfe (Depth of focus), Kiel/Flensburg, Germany 1998

- Tiefenschärfe (Depth of Focus), Kiel/Flensburg, Germany 1998
- Tango TV short movies, Luxemburg 2002
- emocore vs. cinematic art, Berlin, Germany 2002

- Open Channel Kiel, May 1998
- Open Channel Flensburg, May 1998
- Hansa film palace Kiel, May and September 1999
- Tango TV, Luxemburg, July 2002

Script and Directors:
Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
feine Idee Film - Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
Director of photography:
Mathias Denker
Editing and Sound:
Peter Leder and Mathias Denker
Mathias Denker (Dog and its owner)
Peter Leder (Sigi)
Astrid K. (Hostess)


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